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Join us on November 5, 12, 19, 26 2020


A city is a living entity. Whether it be a major metropolitan area, a suburban municipality or the city center of a region, cities are where people come together to congregate, for commerce, to travel, for entertainment and to learn.

Cities have been environments where innovation and transformation are constant, cities evolve and shape themselves to fit the culture, customs, and technologies available to the people who call a city home. Today, as we enter the 4th industrial revolution, we live at a time where we have a greater understanding of the world around us, our impact on the environment, our health and our humanity, combined with unparalleled technological capability – and so it is time for cities to transform once again.

This transformation will not happen overnight, it takes planning, creativity, skilled talent, funding, and above all, a communal effort to adapt our cities for the societies and economies of the near future. This is not a new discussion, but now is the time for action, and we want to create a platform to share knowledge and allow cities across the world to move forward towards a new vision where cities redevelop with the mentality of ensuring the harmonious integration of people, technology and the environment.

Smart City Experience will give municipalities, community organizations and citizens groups the opportunity to interact and find ways to work together as we build the cities of tomorrow.


Smart City Experience 2020 Program

Join a growing community of smart city builders sharing their knowledge and experience through engaging e-learning presentations. Each speaker will provide concrete case studies that demonstrate what we can accomplish when public, private, academic and citizen ecosystems collaborate to build the next evolution of the municipal experience.


Every expert presenting at Smart City Experience has concrete experience in the planning, development and deployment of projects designed to make their cities smarter and more equitable for all citizens. Meet the knowledge sharing community participating in 2020.

Urban Innovation Workshops

Planning and implementing a smart city strategy requires that a multidisciplinary group of experts work together to find solutions that improve the experience for every citizen, resident and visitor. 

The Urban Innovation Workshops invites real smart city project leaders working with our partner cities to spend an afternoon collaborating with a group of experts related to their project.


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