Smart City Experience

Learn how your municipality can innovate


Using a people-centric approach to planning and developing the cities of the future.


Explore how the innovations of today will reshape our cities and have an impact on all aspects of our daily lives.
Our vision is only achievable if our local leaders share their collective knowledge and start the conversation today, about how to re-imagine the cities of the future.


We believe that inclusion, innovation and collaboration are the foundations of tomorrow’s cities.

The Smart City Experience: making it possible to build the cities of tomorrow

Our team

Noah Redler

Noah Redler is the founder of Arche Innovation and is active in the global innovation community. He is dedicated to understanding how organizations and people develop in an era of perpetual innovation. He strongly believes that humanity and technology can be harmoniously integrated into society as well as into the work world.
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Martin Enault

A visionary and a builder, Martin Enault is a pioneer in the business field. He is much in demand for his creative mind and ingenuity in starting, driving or reinventing an industry. His ability to inspire people and bring them together has helped him carve out an enviable place for himself in the Montreal business community and build an extensive international network. With 18 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and executive leader, Martin is a creator of solutions and catalyst for bold change. Having worked his whole career to date at the intersection of business, technology and innovation, he is known for his strategic thinking and his ability to both deliver projects and exceed objectives.
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Raphaelle St-Pierre

Raphaelle studied business administration at HEC Montréal (Montreal School of Higher Commercial Studies) and at Stockholm Business School. An active participant in student life, she organized several major events through which she garnered significant project management experience. Her keen interest in social issues surrounding youth and education drove her to volunteer on a major project with Maison des Jeunes de la Côte-des-Neiges, which is how she first encountered Arche.
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A smart city means a return to what matters in our cities—people.

Pierre-Luc Lachance, City of Québec